11th 3D Geoinfo Conference

Conference Topics

The 11th 3D Geoinfo Conference is part of an important joint event called 3D Athens 2016. The conference emphasizes on the third dimension, presenting the latest 3D developments and 3D applications. During the conference, advanced 3D data and technologies will be discussed and research ideas will be exchanged, while international collaboration in the field of 3D geo information, 3D data analysis and visualisation will be promoted. Among others, the conference will address the following topics:

• 3D Geoinformation Requirements
• 3D Spatial Data Infrastructure & Integration
• 3D Data Acquisition and Processing
• 3D GIS, Real-Time, Big Data
• 4D/5D Modeling, BIM
• 3D Spatial Databases
• 3D Data Management Systems and Point Cloud
• 3D Standards for Geospatial Technologies
• 3D Open Source Development
• 3D City Modelling and CityGML standards
• 3D Geometry, Topology and Semantics
• 3D Data Analysis and Visualisation, Augmented and Virtual Reality
• 3D Spatial Analysis and Simulation
• 3D Modeling for Smart Cities
• 3D Indoor and Outdoor Navigation
• 3D GIS Applications (Cadastre, utilities, city and urban planning, geology, disaster and risk management, environmental simulation, archeology)
• 3D GeoWeb
• 3D Marine Information Systems